Monday, August 25, 2008

Anime Evolution 2008

Anime Evolution 2008 at UBC

In previous years I was able to go all three days but unfortunately I was only able to go on Saturday on a time limit. In the short time I was there, I spent most of my time browsing the artist alley, dealer's room and taking pictures of cosplayers. Did manage to go to the gaming room and reign undefeated in the ten or so matches I had of Soul Calibur 4 before I had to leave. (unfortunately I wasn't able to enter the tournament)

For some reason there seemed to be a lot more people than previous years but apparently it was only a little higher in numbers. Maybe it was because at SFU panels and events were more spread out around campus while at UBC it was more centralized.

I bought a few print outs from the artist gallery and this depiction of Konata by cutemew was a MUST HAVE. I fell in love with it at first sight, only thing I regret is not getting the poster instead of a 8x10

I also got my first batch of Doujinshi's and they are definitely nosebleed material. The print quality is absolutely incredible considering the nature of a 'fan book', imo it's on par with any top quality manga. (except it has only a fraction of the pages >.<) The doujins were pretty costly (15-20bucks, actually a lot cheaper than other dealers which were like 20-25) but considering I didn't have to buy a plane ticket to Japan to browse through boxes of doujins I consider it a deal.

I always wondered why some people go to such lengths to collect them .. I now understand ..

Now for some cosplayers

Akira Kogami and the manga store owner in Lucky Star!!! oh and Chi in the backround ^.^

Captain Jack Sparrow!!! He even sounded like him! moved like him! walked like him! I should have taken a video clip .. he was awesome

I always wanted to see Ouendan cosplayers T.T here they are :D with Simon from TTGL too :3

Dante ... Urahara .. and KAKASHI!? when did they join the Espada!?

now some of you reading this may know Rin Tosaka from Fate/stay night .. I had to take a picture of this .. look at that awesome cosplay! oh wait ... look closely .......

I mean crossplay! ITS A DUDE!!

the only Yoko I saw at AE

Convention registration: 45bucks.
Miscellaneous anime goodies: 150bucks.
Seeing Rock Lee: Priceless ...

More pictures here .. osu!
Anime Evolution 2008

now behave ... Don't make me use my newly acquired ...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Queen's Blade Books

So I always wondered what Queen's Blade was all about so I ordered some of their books and well here they are! Len Vesper has a more in-depth review of what they are here but I bought them more out of curiosity and all the nose-bleed pictures ^.^ (got them coz of his artbook review lol, thanks!!)

I flipped to random pages and took some preview pictures. No 'eyes' are revealed but it's definitely borderline nudity with in some cases the lower lips are covered by uh .. literally two leaves.

That strange yellow stuff comes from a bottle she carries around ,I wonder what it is . A lot of pictures revolve around that bottle spilling in certain areas ...

Picture on the right was apparently made into a PVC figure, I did consider getting it and now after getting the book I want it more than ever.

Now here is an example of the two leaves covering the lower lips ...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Melissa Seraphy! GET!

Got my Melissa Seraphy the other day and she's adorable!!!!!! comes with three faces a few extra hands and a stand. This is my first nendoroid and I couldn't resist getting this one, shes just too damn cute >.<

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ken Hirai

Ever since playing Ouendan I loved Ken's Hirai's popstar and really liked the rest of his work. I love this song, especially the great video, the little touch of karaoke and a translation!

Ken Hirai - Kimi wa Tomodachi

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Resin figures from E2046 galleries

I thought I would share some pictures of some of my favorite figures from galleries from the E2046 forums. These painters are incredible and these resin figures are definitely one of a kind.

This one is by 'Proxy' and it was eligible for two awards at E2046's contest and won them both.

This one was painted by 'chaoticland'. Check out the detail on that ... he even added eye lashes ....

'truth 7th' painted this one and seems he only only submitted a few galleries of his work. This one won a contest in uh i think 2007. Look at those eyes! Check out the next pic to see how big the figure is, the head is about one inch.

Now this is a very unique sculpt of Asuka Langley, and 'gluefinger' did a unique paint job to match it.

If you went to the E2046 forums with the links I put in you can see more pics of the figures. For me when I log in then it says something about the topic doesn't exist. I just re-click the link after logging in and it always works for me, refreshing won't work.

Resin figures can look a lot better than PVC but there are quite a few down sides. Resin is fragile and the pre-painted resin figures are much more expensive. From what I've seen the price range can go from 100 to over 500.

Too expensive for me >.<

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Dark Elf!

Eh almost finished my Dark Elf, a lot of touch ups to do but I wanted to take pictures anyway! Shes completely hand painted and I haven't made a base but temporarily got her mounted on a piece of wood.

oi her eyes are off!!! T.T its kinda hard to 'UNDO' and redo them though :'(

Dark Elf