Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oppai Mousepad, GET!

Well I ordered an oppai mousepad to keep my wrist company on long gaming sessions. I'm quite happy and I'm sure my wrist agrees! two snap shots and a little video of me groping the oppai.

From yoko oppai

From yoko oppai

From yoko oppai


Panther said...

I felt like getting it too, since there are no other girls out that I like with oppai mousepads and now I need one. Then again the price. :\

Persocom-san said...

I also have this mousepad, it's pretty cool huh? XD Amusing video lol.

JF said...

I wish to be the finger that is poking at the underside of Yoko Cleavage. D:

Good pickup, I should get myself an oppai pad too.

I even saw some DFC mousepads in akiba. XD