Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Figma Vs Revoltech?

So Kaiyodo's Revoltech has been around since 2006( I think) and most of their figures are mechs of some sort but recently they have been releasing a series of girl revoltechs! Now Max Factory seems to want to compete with Revoltech by releasing the new Figma series that was first introduced in 2008.

So I decided to get Pocco from Revoltech and get Figma's Saber to see how they compared.
I'll start off with Revoltech's Pocco.

First of all, I often have problems with limbs falling off of Pocco when I try to put her in different poses. I quickly gave up playing with her because I was re-attaching limbs half the time and rarely got any dynamic poses. The stand it doesn't help either because I can only get her standing in it ... the stand has one joint....

Saber on the other hand is on a whole different level! I rarely have problems with limbs falling off unless I really push it. Getting a dynamic pose is what its all about because the articulation is very flexible. I can get Saber to touch the back of her head with her FOOT while Pocco had her leg fall off when I tried to attempt that. The stand very special because it has THREE joints and the joints are reinforced by SCREWS. This allows for dynamic poses that will STAY in place so you can take pictures and what not. Even when typing this out I was trying out a bunch of different poses just to see if I could do it and well here are a few examples ..

So I'm overjoyed with my Figma Saber and I'm seriously considering getting more Figmas because they are just too much fun.

Now be good or suffer the same fate as Pocco. ..
Saber, "Figma is better than Revoltech! say it! SAY IT!!"

**Now I was just basing this off of the Pocco Revoltech and so I'm not so sure how the mecha series compares. The mechs look like they're of better quality ... but that doesn't make sense to me at all.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shuraki Trinity Box #5

When I got this in the mail the other day I was surprised how big the box was. As expected the culprit was the 'force field' protecting this beautiful work of art. While her dress takes up quite a bit of room, displaying her feels awkward for me unless you normally have figures spaced out. I prefer to have my figures nice and snug with each other and with her dress she looked so out of place ... Well of course the space issue wasn't the only reason, its because the battle damage looks awesome!

The one thing I really like about the Shuraki series is the cast-off feature. You can display them in their original clothing, their battle damaged version or have them in nothing but panties! The battle damage specificly is what really caught me on to the shuraki series. Its a very subtle way of displaying the figure to not reveal too much but not having it all covered up.

When you buy figures do you take into consideration how much 'eye candy' they reveal? Whether it be revealing too little or too much?


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saber pwnage

So I was bored and I wanted to play around with my new Figma Saber ! So I went and took a bunch of pictures in the garden and decided to put this together ... Its a mini comic of well..

Saber pwning.

Saber pwnage

I'm such a noob xD all squares n rectangles and no text xD

Feel free to suggest some kind of 'story' to this

Friday, July 25, 2008

omg more deliveries!?

Normally I would have orders come in months apart from each other but this time...between July 21-25 I had four orders of figures and my dakimakura delivered.

Tomoe from Queen's blade
Figma Saber
Shuraki #4 - Nida
Shuraki #5 - Rize

Garage kits:
Dark Elf
Rei Ayanami

I got a lot of work/photos to take.

Lineage 2 - Human mage

A new release from good SMILE company She's well .. a human mage from Lineage 2.

The first time I saw her was in the e2046 forums and she wasn't even colored and managed to be the few figures to catch my attention. Somehow found my self going to the GSC site today and saw that they were producing the PVC!

Never played the game but I've liked the art of the characters, and they certainly make for good figures. The other lineage figure GSC released was the Dark Elf, its near impossible to find the PVC version of the Dark Elf because its a limited edition. I have the GK of the Dark Elf and the amount of detail in the sculpt is incredible.

I've pre-ordered her at E2046 and the expected release date is sometime in November.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nida Schuetlich

Shuraki Trinity Box #4 - Nida Schuetlich.
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company / Red Entertainment
head to toe 19.5cm (a little bigger if u add the base and the top of her hat)

She has a set of normal and battle damaged clothes! while shes not nude underneath you can get a sneak peak of her pantsu. A hat(forgot to bring it to her photo-shoot), a knife, a huge sniper rifle with some attachments.

Other bonuses? a little art booklet and a drama cd that's about 70minutes long! Unfortunately I think its in japanese so I'm not gonna even bother opening that until I can understand japanese xD

Entire album here ~

*things to add to this post
- Photos of her fully clothed
- Photos of all her accessories / huge box


what I planned to do after I post:
do stuff in kitchen, like make some frappuccinos to bring 2 work 2mrw ^^


So I'm mainly going to use this blog to compile picture albums of figures I have been adding to my collection. I just felt that these pictures would be better off somewhere online for someone to find instead of being trapped in my hard-drive. Heck I'll probably end up posting anything about anything here but I am going to focus on figure photography. (i guess)

Since I'm using Picasa you can easily browse through all the pictures I've post up!