Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saber pwnage

So I was bored and I wanted to play around with my new Figma Saber ! So I went and took a bunch of pictures in the garden and decided to put this together ... Its a mini comic of well..

Saber pwning.

Saber pwnage

I'm such a noob xD all squares n rectangles and no text xD

Feel free to suggest some kind of 'story' to this


Anonymous said...

Nida beeing finished off by Saber?
Blasphemy!!! ^_^
Nice Decapitation.Didndt think about the possibilities.

Add some Bubbles and text the next time and its even funnier.

humm...have to post this with my old AIM name...I dont like this blogger comment system^^

Plasmatdx said...

Yeah I need to put bubbles, maybe add slashed boxes to make it more of a 'comic'

Anonymous said...

ohhh noes @_@
Nida is just unconscious right? She can't be dead omg... NIDAAA