Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nida Schuetlich

Shuraki Trinity Box #4 - Nida Schuetlich.
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company / Red Entertainment
head to toe 19.5cm (a little bigger if u add the base and the top of her hat)

She has a set of normal and battle damaged clothes! while shes not nude underneath you can get a sneak peak of her pantsu. A hat(forgot to bring it to her photo-shoot), a knife, a huge sniper rifle with some attachments.

Other bonuses? a little art booklet and a drama cd that's about 70minutes long! Unfortunately I think its in japanese so I'm not gonna even bother opening that until I can understand japanese xD

Entire album here ~

*things to add to this post
- Photos of her fully clothed
- Photos of all her accessories / huge box


what I planned to do after I post:
do stuff in kitchen, like make some frappuccinos to bring 2 work 2mrw ^^


Anonymous said...

You get right down to the core with a castoff pic^^

Woah!Youve got a jungle there in your garden!Gives Nida some sort of Rambo look.Well a very pretty Rambo with nice eyes

Plasmatdx said...

lol never thought of her as a pretty Rambo.