Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shuraki Trinity Box #5

When I got this in the mail the other day I was surprised how big the box was. As expected the culprit was the 'force field' protecting this beautiful work of art. While her dress takes up quite a bit of room, displaying her feels awkward for me unless you normally have figures spaced out. I prefer to have my figures nice and snug with each other and with her dress she looked so out of place ... Well of course the space issue wasn't the only reason, its because the battle damage looks awesome!

The one thing I really like about the Shuraki series is the cast-off feature. You can display them in their original clothing, their battle damaged version or have them in nothing but panties! The battle damage specificly is what really caught me on to the shuraki series. Its a very subtle way of displaying the figure to not reveal too much but not having it all covered up.

When you buy figures do you take into consideration how much 'eye candy' they reveal? Whether it be revealing too little or too much?



hikky said...

well, I'm considering maybe a little bit if the reveal too much but if I really like a figure it doesn't really matter. *still waiting for Nida to arrive*

and yeah I accidentally used my open ID @ my former comment, cause of that my blog name and not my nickname is displayed, orz

hehey and I'm on your bloglist beside Danny Choo and Len Vesper omg^^

adding you to the blogroll of course ;)

JF said...

Len-Vesper here! I want to see more! Lingerie and pantie warriors ftw!

Well done on the shots, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Blowfish here.My wordpress account somehow wont work here grrrr...Anyway:

Wooo! Another decapitation in the jungle!
I like your Shots.They sure are something different.^^

I dont like that much revealing figures.There should be something left for the imagination aye?

Akatsuki is in battle damaged mode,Mei Feng in normal outfit and Nida and Rizfiz in half battle damaged.

I actually prefer Rizfiz with her full dress but thats out of the question because of the Weight/Peg problem