Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Figma Vs Revoltech?

So Kaiyodo's Revoltech has been around since 2006( I think) and most of their figures are mechs of some sort but recently they have been releasing a series of girl revoltechs! Now Max Factory seems to want to compete with Revoltech by releasing the new Figma series that was first introduced in 2008.

So I decided to get Pocco from Revoltech and get Figma's Saber to see how they compared.
I'll start off with Revoltech's Pocco.

First of all, I often have problems with limbs falling off of Pocco when I try to put her in different poses. I quickly gave up playing with her because I was re-attaching limbs half the time and rarely got any dynamic poses. The stand it doesn't help either because I can only get her standing in it ... the stand has one joint....

Saber on the other hand is on a whole different level! I rarely have problems with limbs falling off unless I really push it. Getting a dynamic pose is what its all about because the articulation is very flexible. I can get Saber to touch the back of her head with her FOOT while Pocco had her leg fall off when I tried to attempt that. The stand very special because it has THREE joints and the joints are reinforced by SCREWS. This allows for dynamic poses that will STAY in place so you can take pictures and what not. Even when typing this out I was trying out a bunch of different poses just to see if I could do it and well here are a few examples ..

So I'm overjoyed with my Figma Saber and I'm seriously considering getting more Figmas because they are just too much fun.

Now be good or suffer the same fate as Pocco. ..
Saber, "Figma is better than Revoltech! say it! SAY IT!!"

**Now I was just basing this off of the Pocco Revoltech and so I'm not so sure how the mecha series compares. The mechs look like they're of better quality ... but that doesn't make sense to me at all.


Anonymous said...

Your observation is not limited to your Pocco.
I own the Revy Revoltech and Asuka&Rei Fräulein Revoltech and can only second your opinion.

Fräulein Revoltechs loose their limbs really fast and cant be posed dynamically. BUT they look pretty

Normal Revoltechs are smaller than the Fräuleins but allow more dynamic poses.BUT they lose when you compare the looks

I havent got my hands on a figma yet but from what ive seen on the net they are far superior

JF said...

Saber going in for a Jiu Jitsu arm bar is both awesome and hilarious!

Who needs excalibur when she can MAKE YOU TAP OUT.