Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Queen's Blade Books

So I always wondered what Queen's Blade was all about so I ordered some of their books and well here they are! Len Vesper has a more in-depth review of what they are here but I bought them more out of curiosity and all the nose-bleed pictures ^.^ (got them coz of his artbook review lol, thanks!!)

I flipped to random pages and took some preview pictures. No 'eyes' are revealed but it's definitely borderline nudity with in some cases the lower lips are covered by uh .. literally two leaves.

That strange yellow stuff comes from a bottle she carries around ,I wonder what it is . A lot of pictures revolve around that bottle spilling in certain areas ...

Picture on the right was apparently made into a PVC figure, I did consider getting it and now after getting the book I want it more than ever.

Now here is an example of the two leaves covering the lower lips ...


JF said...

Len-Vesper here~

Hee, Queen's Blade are so nice, especially the latest ones. The mid-series were just ugh, like Cattelya, etc. :/ DO NOT WANT.

If I may request, instead of linking direct to video (since I don't check comments there etc), would be ok to request the link drawn up to blogpost instead? :o

Aiko said...

heya~ I've added you into my blogroll too =3
anyway~ woot for queens blade <3