Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Resin figures from E2046 galleries

I thought I would share some pictures of some of my favorite figures from galleries from the E2046 forums. These painters are incredible and these resin figures are definitely one of a kind.

This one is by 'Proxy' and it was eligible for two awards at E2046's contest and won them both.

This one was painted by 'chaoticland'. Check out the detail on that ... he even added eye lashes ....

'truth 7th' painted this one and seems he only only submitted a few galleries of his work. This one won a contest in uh i think 2007. Look at those eyes! Check out the next pic to see how big the figure is, the head is about one inch.

Now this is a very unique sculpt of Asuka Langley, and 'gluefinger' did a unique paint job to match it.

If you went to the E2046 forums with the links I put in you can see more pics of the figures. For me when I log in then it says something about the topic doesn't exist. I just re-click the link after logging in and it always works for me, refreshing won't work.

Resin figures can look a lot better than PVC but there are quite a few down sides. Resin is fragile and the pre-painted resin figures are much more expensive. From what I've seen the price range can go from 100 to over 500.

Too expensive for me >.<

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