Thursday, September 4, 2008

GoodSmile Company in ENGLISH!

From Random

GoodSmile Company is now available in english!!!

Ever since released news of this revelation you can bet that otakus everywhere are quick to post the news on their own blog! This being one of them~ I've been to Goodsmile's (GSC) japanese site so many times and wish I could read it without having to only look at the pictures.

Color scheme is virtually identical to and the layout is obviously different but still feels familiar to regular visitors to Danny's blog. It feels so similar to Danny's site that he could have just made a tab at his own site linking you to Goodsmile and new visitors probably wouldn't even notice!

however on the japanese site there isn't a link to the english site yet? oh wait never mind I think Danny mentioned it was a beta or something so no biggie right?

Now we just got to wait for the english site to have an online shop so we can possibly buy directly from Goodsmile! woot woot! and now a random thought: Godzilla vs a giant Goodsmile mascot would be a great fight.

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