Friday, September 19, 2008

TFU vs Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast?

Well I got The Force UNleashed (TFU) a few days ago and so far I'm disappointed.

The controls and camera don't play well together so it makes it a little annoying to dodge or block things I CAN'T SEE. Another thing that is nagging at me is that you cannot stop to dodge or block while using force powers or dodging and especially being a JEDI you should. It also takes quite a few strikes to kill with your lightsaber and there isn't any DISMEMBERMENT.

In my opinion its the smooth controls that makes or breaks a game. simply put it, I don't FEEL like a jedi in The Force Unleashed. In Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast the controls are done SO well with the keyboard that nothing compares to the feeling of dispatching stormtroopers with your light saber. Its one of those games that are SO GOOD it ruins everything else because nothing else simply doesn't even compare.

What I liked about Jedi Knight 2
Stabs, back stabs, horizontal, vertical, diagonal saber attacks in any direction in combination of seamless movement controls and virtually one slice kills makes it total bliss. Not to mention the ability called force speed, which slows everything down to 20% EXCEPT your own character for i think five seconds? You could take that FIVE seconds and bring down TEN storm troopers and watch them virtually all drop at once when force speed ends.

The only thing I really find my self experiencing new in TFU is the ability to pick up items and throw them but that's about it. Jedi Knight 2 had everything else and the controls make it a MUCH better experience. If ONLY they would make a game with Jedi Knight 2 controls with The Force Unleashed engine, it could have had the potential to be an outstanding game.

The only reason I'm playing through this is forthe story gap between episode III and IV. I do NOT see my self replaying through it again, but I do see my self re-installing Jedi Knight 2 and replaying that for the..... fifth time?

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