Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Custom Dakimakura

So I found a custom dakimakura service that will print your own picture on polyester-peachskin!! and a bargain price to boot. (I got it for 60bucks with shipping, might be different now)

Browsed through images at moe.imouto for high res pictures. What I did was crop and re-size the image to a 1:3 ratio then blew it up to 50x150cm and checked it out actual size to see if it looked good enough.

This is the result after picking it up at the post office.

From cusdaki

Kagamin sitting comfortably on top those nice oppai.
From cusdaki

Unfortunately Kagamin figma does not come with the dakimakura.
I ordered dakimakura from this ebay seller and saw they had a custom option. I tried it out and I do plan making another if I find something I really want.

OH and about not showing the bottom half well... the goodies are down there ^.^


Persocom-san said...

awesome custom dakimakura, although you're not showing the lower half it looks pretty cool, I should get one of those for myself some day, with custom you can't lose

Christopher said...

Those look really nice. What are the materials used? Is it cotton, satin, polyester?

Tavich said...

show the bottom half pretty pls! =(

Plasmatdx said...

The material is a Polyester Peachskin, apparently the same material as "Sasara Huggable Pillow Cover" according to Len Vesper.

I never ordered a typical dakimakura that cost like 90 bucks so I don't know what those are made of exactly. I have one made of satin but I like the peachskin MUCh better.

Christopher said...

Just another question, how much did you spend to have the dakimura made? I'd like to get one in the future.